Yorica, London

After an excellent meal at Hawksmoor Air Street, I insisted on running over to Yorica on Wardour Street for a quick dessert before they closed at 10pm. The allergy friendly dessert shop has been building up quite the Instagram presence between free-from dessert lovers and vegans alike. Gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs are completely excluded from the shop, and visitors can treat themselves to ice-cream, fro-yo and milkshakes in a multitude of flavours with the added bonus of toppings. There’s also a selection of soy-free products.

I went for the cookies & cream ice-cream topped with strawberry marshmallows (for the second time..) which was so smooth and creamy I honestly could not tell that it was dairy free. Other flavours available that night included melon, moringa, chocolate orange and wow-butter (peanut butter without a nut in sight!) and toppings such as cookies, gummy bears and fruit. Yorica also stock waffle cones, which is pretty special considering everything is gluten free.



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