Honest Burgers, London

There will always be a search for “The Best Burger” in London and anywhere else for that matter. Honest Burgers produce my personal favourite burger – firstly because it is delicious, secondly because I can actually eat there with ease. Amazingly enough the brioche style burger bun is DAIRY FREE. (It does contain eggs though, and I always make sure to check when I order in case anything has changed!) Honest also offer a gluten-free bun which I hear is one of the best GF burger buns in London.


I can be fussy when it comes to burgers but Honest nail it every time. The burger itself has a good colour on the outside, without tasting burnt, and it maintains a good medium-rare pink inside (unless you ask otherwise). I tend to go for the Honest Burger without cheese as I love the smoked bacon, caramelised red onions and pickled cucumber. There tends to be around 5 beef burgers, one chicken and one veggie burger on the menu and they all sound wonderful. All burgers come served with homemade salted, rosemary fries which are almost worth going for by themselves, but you could also swap them for side salad (don’t).2 IMG_1018

My dairy-eating boyfriend also declares Honest as his #1 burger, so I can’t be that biased. He tends to order the chicken wings on the side, but sadly those aren’t dairy-free. Chipotle mayo is however, so I like to get some as a dip on the side. Also on the dairy-free list is onion rings, coleslaw and a couple of others.

I tend to visit the Soho or Kings Cross branches but all 14 of them can be found here: Honest Burgers Locations and Allergy Info here: Honest Burgers Allergy Info – June 2016.


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